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An office in the Liver Building in Liverpool, theres a big glass fishbowl holding a handtied bouquet of big green hydrangeas and foliage

Liverpool Flower Subscriptions

Get ready to watch the seasons change!

The absolute best way to enjoy fresh flowers is to celebrate them every single season, watch the colours change and discover a new world of floral varieties. Trust me when I say a Freckles & Flowers subscription is like no other!

An office in the Liver Building, a corporate vase arrangement with eucalyptus, thistle and calla lillies. It sits on a round table with chair in the background
A christmas handtied in a glass fishbowl in an office in the Liver building, the bouquet has white roses, white hydrangeas with snow dusted and silver twigs. Theres a big christmas tree in the background with a half moon window in the background
A spring handtied bouquet in a glass fishbowl vase, theres pink Hydrangeas, Pink Erica and green Conifer. It sits on a low round table with the sign work hard and be nice to people in the background

These images are all from Open Media's beautiful office space situated in The Liver Building in the heart of Liverpool. They brighten up their office environment with a two-weekly subscription of stunning fishbowl flowers! 

Designed bespoke to you & your space

As with everything I design, I take into account your needs and environment before getting to work! My subscriptions are bespoke, this means we can tailor make it to suit you. For corporate designs I find keeping things elegant is the best way to go, clear glass fishbowls seem to be a favourite with my clients as they look clean, minimalistic and let the fresh flowers shine. Personal flower subscriptions can also be entirely bespoke and take the form of a handtied bouquet or vase arrangement with beautiful blooms that change each flower delivery. 

Designs can be tailored to weekly, two weekly or monthly subscriptions. I find the most popular tends to be two weeklies as this enables you to enjoy flowers all month long with changing designs. I make a commitment to giving you different themes each week (unless we find a favourite) because who says flower subscriptions need to be dull and boring! 

A glass milk churn style vase sits on top of a grey bench holding tall flowers tied together like a bouquet. Theres white antirrihnum and a mix of foliage, theres two blue chairs and a black hanging pendant light in the background
A close up shot of the vase arrangement showing the tall, white antirrihnum in detail with a mix of foliage.

The benefit of working with a bespoke Florist is that we can find a vase to perfectly fit your desired location! I have amazing wholesalers who can source various vases in different heights, sizes & styles! 

The ordering process

The best way to enquire for flower subscriptions is to complete the contact form with a message detailing what you're looking for and if you'd like a corporate or personal subscription. We can discuss whether you love fishbowl designs or perhaps something taller, maybe a monthly gift bouquet would be the perfect present! if you want to see different vase options just send me some snaps of your space and I can send you through options best suited! We can work to really give you the perfect subscription for you! 

Once we have our design locked down, we can decide when's best to start your local flower delivery, I usually try and deliver your flowers after hours, weekends or at your quietest times to ensure minimal disruption! For corporate designs, I spend a little time making sure all your flowers look beautiful and perfectly set in place before I leave, ideally, we'll top them right up with water! I'll then come and swap your vases over either weekly, two-weekly or monthly and you can enjoy your next seasonal delight! Flower delivery is available across Liverpool and surrounding areas!


I do make a point of making all my clients aware that fresh flowers will only last as much as you care for them! Whilst I make sure to only use premium flowers and foliage, it's a lot to expect flowers to look and stay pristine for two weeks+ You will find that your flowers naturally start to wilt after around 8-12 days especially if the water is neither changed nor topped up and their environment is close to heat and direct sunlight. If you desire your flowers to look perfect for their duration, I recommend looking at a weekly subscription where your flowers would be renewed before any start their wilting process!    



A big and beautiful vase arrangement in an office, the bouquet is in a glass fishbowl and is made up of white hydrangea and fluffy yellow mimosa, there are plants either side
A striking vase arrangement in an office in a glass fishbowl, the handtied design has been made with white double rose lillies, pale pink eustoma and tall pussy willow which comes out at the top creating height.
A beautiful vase arrangement in an office, handtied flowers sit in a glass fishbowl and display big green anthirium with yellow antirihnum and foliage

These designs are from SEP's office space also situated in The Liver Building. The offices have such a modern, sleek and minimal design meaning fresh flowers give the perfect opportunity to brighten things up! They warm up areas where you have clients waiting for meetings or appointments and create a beautiful focal point for everyone in and around their environment

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